Label Counter-Check

COUNTER CHECK is a unit suitable for self-adhesive labels fed in rolls that:
can rewind the labels clockwise or anti-clockwise and with different core diameters,
can count the labels by means of an incremental or decremental counter,
can check the availability of the labels and stop in case of a missing label.

When working as a rewinder it can rewind labels present on rolls having a max. diameter of 300 mm, wound either face in or face out, with a core diameter ranging from 46 to 110 mm, onto rolls having a max diameter of 300 mm with face in or face out unwinding. The average rewinding speed is over 50 mt/min.
When working as a control device, a photocell will not only enable to count the labels, but also to check the availability of the labels and to signal their absence with the possibility to stop operating in order to reposition the labels. This operation needs no resetting of the unit as this is done by the control unit that self-learns the label length. An ultrasonic detector is available for processing transparent labels.
Furthermore, the microprocessor control card will make it possible to set the piece counter, the rewinding speed, to stop the rotation of the motor at the end of the roll or in case of paper tear, and to stop or not the rewinding operation in case of missing labels.
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