The Company Mission

“Label your world, label your life” “Each label, a new story“ “Made in Italy solutions”

These slogans summarize the commitment of LABELPACK to research and implement solutions for automatic labelling with the philosophy of constant technological innovation and a focus on customer satisfaction in order to provide our customers with the most efficient, reliable and customized solutions. LABELPACK takes an active part in the excellence of ‘Made in Italy’.

Our history

LABELPACK was founded in 1992 with the aim of developing automated solutions for the printing and application of labels with bar codes and variable text and soon began designing and manufacturing of automatic labelling machines and labelling systems. In 2006, this activity has underwent an important evolution with the start of a phase of design and development of new solutions that have led to the creation of the LABELX series. The company consists of a team of specialists who have been able, in these years of economic crisis, to respond to market demands with high-quality and reliable solutions that respect economic criteria. This has enabled strong sales growth in international markets and today we are present with 36 partners in 22 countries worldwide.

In 2015, LABELPACK entered a new phase of development that included its transformation into two new companies, LABELPACK TRADE Srl. and LABELPACK MANUFACTURING Srl., and transfer to new premises in BRUGHERIO, Italy. LABELPACK TRADE Srl. deals with the promotion and marketing of all LABELPACK brand products and other commercial products related to the field of labelling, coding and identification, with the goal of increasing our presence in international markets and strengthening our role in the domestic market. LABELPACK MANUFACTURING Srl. continues the company’s commitment to research and development in the design and manufacture of solutions for automatic and semi-automatic labelling, print and apply systems.

The move to the new headquarters in BRUGHERIO, Italy, has given us the opportunity to make the most of ample production space and offices, to streamline all of our activities of commercial management, administration, design, manufacturing and logistics and to launch a broad investment program in human resources, which remains a key factor in a company that deals with technology development.

Labeling Evolution, we have solution