Label dispenser ETX-1

Label rewinders and dispensers

Label dispenser ETX-1

ETX- 1 is a dispenser for self-adhesive labels not trasparent fed in rolls very compact and lightweight. The labels are read by two self-learning sensors microprocessor controlled.
They can automatically identify the difference in transparency existing between the label and the paper support, hence presenting the label on the peeler bar almost fully peeled off. After the removal of a label from the paper support, the next label will stick out automatically. Furthermore, the control card will stop the motor rotation when the roll is over or in case of paper tear, and afterwards it will

Maximum label width: 100 mm
Minimum label width: 15 mm
Maximum label lenght: 300 mm
Minimum label lenght: 15 mm
Roll diameter: 180 mm
Core diameter: 25 mm
Supply voltage: 230 Vac-50Hz
Power consumption: 30W
Overall dimensions: 158x250x167 (H)
Weight: Kg 3,2

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