Label rewinders and unwinders

Label rewinders and dispensers

Label rewinders and unwinders

This is a set of rewinders/unwinders of self-adhesive labels on rolls which have been developed to suit industrial application. Fully made of steel, thus strong, they have a very large base, so as to offer a stable connection to the printer.

They are available in 140 mm and 230 mm width.
The adjustable spindle enables the use of internal cores going from 40 mm to 110 mm and the rewinding of rolls having a max outer diameter of 300 mm.

REW-01 - REW-02
Max. label width: 140 mm - 230 mm
Speed: 0-25 m/m
Roll Diameter: 300 mm
Adjustable spindle: 40-110 mm
Supply Voltage: 230Vac - 50Hz
Power consumption: 30 W
Dimensions: 330x410x370 (H) - 430x410x370 (H)
Weight: Kg 13 - Kg 15

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