ZEBRA – ZM400 -ZM600

Label printers

ZEBRA - ZM400 -ZM600

The ZM400 and ZM600 printers bring added flexibility to the popular Z Series platform, which has always stood out from the competition
in terms of both performance and price. With 10-inches-per-second print speed, industry-leading throughput, rugged reliability, and a wide selection of options, these full-sized metal printers enhance productivity in tough environments and demanding applications.

ZM400 - 203 dpi - 254 mm/sec
ZM400 - 300 dpi - 203 mm/sec
ZM400 - 600 dpi - 102 mm/sec
ZM600 - 203 dpi - 254 mm/sec
ZM600 - 300 dpi - 203 mm/sec

Accessori opzionali

Factory installed 64 MB Flash memory option
Cutter with catch tray
Peel—a front mount, passive peel option with no liner take-up
Liner take-up (works with peel option)—full roll liner take-up spindle (fits standard base, ZM400 only)
Rewind—internally rewinds full label roll on 3” core (comes with taller, non-standard printer base)
RS-422/485 serial port adapter
Optional ribbon spindle to support ribbon wound ink-side in (ZM400 only)


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