Labelling solutions for cosmetic flacons, jars and cans.
Flexibility, fast regulations, accurate application, high reliability, typical “balcony” structure, are the main features of the labelling systems for cylindrical, conical flacons and cosmetic tubes. Automatic labelling system for self-adhesive labels onto the bottom of perfume flacons. Integrated solutions for top & bottom application onto cream jars, cans and other flat products.

Labelling solution for cosmetic boxes and cases Labelling systems for application onto cosmetic boxes with in-line printing of variable data. Automatic labellers and print & apply solutions suitable for integration onto existing packaging machines.

Our products for the Cosmetic sector

Automatic labeller LABELX® ES

Automatic labeller for medium and high speed applications of self adhesive labels.

Labeling system for applying labels to the bottom of flat products

Automatic labelling systems for bottom application

Labeling system for wrap-around application on cylindrical products

Automatic labelling system with static rotating device

Sistema di etichettatura automatico per flaconcini e fialoidi cilindrici di piccolo diametro

Labeling system for laboratory tubes

Automatic labeling system for application onto vials, small cylindrical bottles and unstable cylindrical products

Sistema di etichettatura per flaconi di smalto per unghie

Labeling system for nail polish bottles

Automatic labelling system for nail polish bottles

Sistema di etichettatura per applicazione di etichette  fronte & retro su flaconi di forma irregolare con funzione No-Stop

Labeling system for chemical and cosmetic bottles with “no stop” function

Labelling system for front & back application onto irregular shaped bottles with No-Stop function

Sistema di etichettatura automatico MASTER WA-RM PHARMA

Automatic labeling system for high speed application on pharmaceutical bottles

Automatic labeling system for pharmaceutical bottles and vials

Sistema di etichettatura per siringhe farmaceutiche

Automatic labeling system for syringes

Automatic labeling system for syringes and small cylindrical products