Mechanical & Automation

Solution for the labeling of components in the automobile industry: batteries and accumulators, crystals and body components, mechanical and electronic components. Labeling modules for interlocking to robotized units, integration onto assembling and inspection lines, integration onto plastic material printing presses. Labelers that can be integrated onto production and printing lines for plastic lines, reel labels, envelopes and bags.

Print & Apply systems to identify both the bar coded components and variable data that can be controlled from a centralized control unit. All of our customizable labeling solutions are also easily integrated on both existing and new equipment.

Our products for the Mechanical & Automation sector

Automatic labeller LABELX® ES

Automatic labeller for medium and high speed applications of self adhesive labels.

GPE/24 E - Sistema di etichettatura per penne

Labeling system for ballpoint pens and markers

Automatic labelling system for print & apply application onto pens and small cylindrical items.

PandA AL print and apply system

Print & apply with linear applicator.