Labelling solutions for vials, flacons and cylindrical products, boxes ,cases and pallets.
Innovative solutions for label application onto flacons, vials, syringes and other pharmaceutical products. Complete with all the automatic controls and managed by PLC, the labelling systems of the MASTER and MODULAR series are the top level of our labelling solutions. Labelling solution for pharma boxes pricing onto fl at boxes and labelling systems suitable for integration downline of automatic cartooning machines.

“Trake & Trace solutions. Labelling system for “tamper evident” applications onto two sides of pharma boxes. Labelling solution for shipping cases and pallets Print & apply solution for shipping cases identifi cation with one side or two sides label application. Data management by Ethernet connection with host station. Print & apply solutions for pallets.

Our products for the Pharmaceutical sector

Automatic labeller LABELX®

Automatic labeller for medium and high speed applications of self adhesive labels.

Automatic labeller LABELX® RM

Automatic labelling machine with motorized re-winder, for high speed application

Automatic labeller LABELX® JR

Automatic labeller for medium and low speed application

Etichettatrice LABELX 140 ES

Automatic labeller LABELX® PE

Automatic labeller with thermal tranfer print engine

Etichettatrice semi-automatica per applicazione su tubi vuoti per cosmetici

Semi-automatic labeling machine for empty cosmetic tubes

Semiautomatic labeller for empty tubes

Etichettatrice semi-automatica per applicazione su fiale, flaconcini e prodotti cindrici di piccole dimensioni

Semi-automatic labeller for vials and syringes

Semi-automatic labeller for ampoules and vials

Sistema di etichettatura automatico

Labeling system for applying labels to the bottom of various products

Automatic labelling system for bottom side application

Labeling system for wrap-around application on cylindrical products

Automatic labelling systems for cylindrical prducts