Print & Apply Systems

The most complete range of industrial print & apply solutions

PandA®   is an exhaustive range of solutions to print barcodes and variable data on a self-adhesive labels to be then automatically applied on the product to identify. PandA®  is the ideal solution to be integrated on automatic packaging equipment, packaging and packing end lines, handling and automatic palletization systems. Efficiency and flexibility of PandA®  machines are guaranteed by integrating industrial thermal transfer print units made by major international companies: DATAMAX, AVERY-NOVEX, SATO, ZEBRA, CARL VAENTIN, CAB, etc

PandA 4 AL2

Print & apply unit with double pneumatic aplicator.

PandA AB

Print & apply unit with swinging vacuum pad applicator.

PandA AF

Print & apply unit with rotary arm applicator.

Sistema stampa e applica ad alte prestazione serie PandA

PandA AL

Print & apply with linear applicator.


Print & apply unit with total protection.

PandA JR

"Entry level" Print & apply unit.


Print & apply unit MASTER version.


Print & apply unit SLIM version.